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2. About The Job Talk platform

Why do I host The Job Talk Radio Show and TV Show?

Hello all – I am Dr Tina, (otherwise known as Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison) and I am an Executive Leadership Coach and also a highly skilled solver of workplace and worklife problems for both individuals and organizations. Among other worklife roles I host a daily talk radio show in the Atlanta metro market, titled The Job Talk Radio Show, as well as a weekly podcast under the same name, and soon I will begin recording a Community TV Talk Show, titled The Job Talk TV Show in the Washington DC  metro market. All of these shows are targeted at listeners and viewers wanting a more fulfilling, satisfying, and encouraging worklife. As a marketing strategy for my Executive Leadership Coaching business I seek connectivity both through the radio show, the TV show and the podcast platform to increase the Dr Tina Executive Leadership Coach brand awareness,  and to also attract the types of clients I enjoy working with. Executive Coaching offers a systematic recovery strategy from already being stuck in a worklife of emotional and professional turmoil towards achieving a worklife that is more joyous, fulfilling and profitable. The Job Talk Radio Show’s several platforms serves as a free group coaching, mentoring and teaching platform through the sharing of worklife improvement strategies, as well as serving as a repository of knowledge for the resolution of specific worklife issues and solutions.

What specific goals do I associate with The Job Talk Radio Show?

I achieve great personal and professional satisfaction, and I earn my living as an Executive Leadership Coach, in the service of both individuals and organizations. However, I also want to be able to provide information, assistance, and encouragement to those who endure an unfulfilling or challenging worklife, but who are unable to afford to hire me to help them through a one-on-one coaching relationship. I believe that The Job Talk Radio Show and The Job Talk TV Show platform will allow me to support, encourage and answer questions for those who don’t engage me as their coach; and that by doing so, those who do choose to hire me, will know that I am highly skilled and capable in helping them solve their workplace and worklife challenges.

What is the Topic / Niche Focus of The Job Talk Radio Show?

As a battle-hardened workplace warrior, former federal employee, and now an Executive Leadership Coach, I believe that just because we trade our time for money does not mean we should be miserable in our work! As human beings it is completely natural that we should each aspire to a worklife of autonomy, mastery and a sense of purpose. As the host of The Job Talk Radio Show and TV Show  my personal mission is to help my audience improve the quality of their worklife, so that they too can achieve professional fulfillment, joy, harmony, satisfaction, adequate compensation, and a sense of professional autonomy, mastery and purpose. The Job Talk Radio Shows various media platforms brings a variety of discussion topics and hosted interviews with contemporary worklife commentators, employers, leaders, coaches, stay-at-home parents; basically anyone interested, experienced, and knowledgeable in improving the quality of the worklife. Each interviewee on The Job Talk Radio Show generously shares their knowledge and understanding about how to make the worklife and workplace better. Each show I host as a soloist will also offer perspective into building your personal and organizational Leadership Capacity and Executive Presence. Through the medium of Talk Radio, TV and podcasting we will further share our wisdom, learning, experience, and also highlight our journey to how we found passion in our current profession or employment.

Who is my target audience? The Job Talk Radio Show’s media platforms are targeted at listeners seeking more encouragement, respect and inspiration in their workplace and worklife choices. This includes persons who are coaching, teaching, or mentoring others, or are transitioning, fulltime, part-time, unemployed, or underemployed in their worklife – between the age of 20 and 95. I am encouraged to report that we have active mentors and workers from all four generations, including our Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters.

How often am I going to produce my various show? The Job Talk Radio Show’s radio programming is Monday to Friday, while the TV Show and Pod Cast will be weekly.

On average, what will be the length of each show or episodes? The existing radio show format is 1 hour long with 44 minutes of content, the TV show format is 30 min. long with 24 min. of content, and the aim for each podcast show to a 30-40 min. episode.

Will each show be solo, with a co-host, or have a new interview with each episode? Although The Job Talk Radio Show is intended to assist promote and market my brand as  an Executive Leadership Coach, the various show are structured both as solo discussion and hosted interviews with worklife experts and commentators to showcase and highlight a variety of worklife issues, solutions and opportunities.

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