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003 Words Into Action – How An Enterprise Vision Becomes Reality

Domenico Paolo ZacconeWhen an organization or a business publishes their values are they merely grandstanding? Or, as I would rather believe, are they putting themselves on notice to live and operate a certain way? How much would your organizational credibility or leadership influence grow if you published your values (and lived by them)?

With the advent of hosting the FM talk radio show, titled The Job Talk Radio Show , and associated podcast by the same name, I have had the opportunity to explore the concept of values as they relate to leadership. As a talk show host I raised the subject of values with my listening audience, asking them if publicly declaring ones values is appropriate or worthwhile. Some listeners were dubious, while many others applauded both individuals and organizations that commit to publishing, then living and operating by their personal and professional values.

As I do, I took up the gauntlet and sought out the expertise of a successful “values” commentator to interview on the show. In my recent interview, titled Words Into Action – How An Enterprise Vision Becomes Reality (podcast linked here) with the successful “values” guru and business man, Domenico Zaccone. As a guest Domenico generously shares his “values” platform. He discussed how his values evolved over time relative to both his personal and professional life, and how these values manifest in his business today.

Although Domenico began his professional life as a Mechanical Engineer, he purposely “expanded his professional landscape” (his words) through mentorship and a deep curiosity about the “how and why” of the workplace and the organizational roles he occupied. As a result of our interview I concluded that Domenico’s values based approach to leadership is time tested and successful. He is an enthusiastic and visionary leader. His modes operandi includes the ability and focus to both shape strategy and drive execution to make things happen, thereby delivering what he promises. In fact, his personal mantra has been to “deliver what you promise.”

I encourage you to listen to the interview, however I have condensed the interview into the following salient points, which coincidentally are his company’s published values.

  • Be Authentic
  • Respect Others
  • Open To Change
  • Act Honestly
  • Deliver On Promises


When an organization or an individual publishes their values I choose to believe that they are putting themselves on notice to live and operate a certain way. Choosing to publish (and then live by) your values may be risky, but only if you are not committed to the values you espouse.

Dr Tina – aka – Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison is the owner of MCG Consulting Group, LLC, and helps leaders and executives to speak the story of their lives to those they can trust, towards achieving self-awareness, work-life balance, increased leadership capacity and executive presence, while creating healthy work environments.

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006 The Alligator Business Solution – What Small Business Owners Need to Know to Build a Successful Business and Gain a Competitive Advantage

roy austinIt’s a fact – most small businesses fail. Estimates vary from 50-75% fail in the first year and few last 5 years. Roy Austin has worked with lots of small business and conducted extensive research on why this happens and the steps needed to avoid this fate. To help small business owners to be more successful Roy has also written a book that should be available in the summer of 2015. Roy’s strategy included steps and tools to help small business owners to make better business decisions.

Roy Austin,  Rockwell Business Solutions, LLC

Roy was Chief Financial Officer for D. J. Powers Company, Inc., a third party logistics provider from 2002 to 2009.   Before joining D. J. Powers, Mr. Austin was the Controller for Savannah Manufacturing, an aseptic drink manufacturer, and before that spent 29 years with Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, TN in various accounting, sales forecasting & market research assignments. He earned a BA in Economics from Bethany College and an MBA in Marketing from Michigan State. He is the founder and Chair of the Savannah CFO/Controller’s Council that has grown to over 350 senior financial executives since its inception in 2004. In 2004, he received the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) “Financial Executive of the Year” award for the Florida Council region of IMA.   He is active with the Savannah Chapter of IMA and did extensive volunteer work with the Tennessee Department of Corrections.   He is currently volunteering with the Curry Foundation in Bluffton, SC. His passion is “getting underneath the numbers” and developing information systems to help management understand what causes financial performance.

In 2007 he founded Rockwell Business Solutions, LLC (RBS) which provides outsource Chief Financial Officer services and, through its “Sustainable Success” program, coaching, mentoring and seminars for small business that have a sincere desire to move their business to the next level.   RBS has also been involved with business development, mergers & acquisitions and investor relations and negotiations with partners and vendors, particularly banks. Clients include Crescent Investments, Inc; Cargo Group, LLC; Cargo Transportation Services, LLC; Blue Diamond Pool Services, Inc; Bottles Up, Inc; Atlas Surveying, Inc. and D.J. Powers, Inc to name a few.

Roy and his wife Sharron live at Sun City Hilton Head in Bluffton, SC. Between them they have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

Mobile: 843-597-4826; No land line:;;;;;

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