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005 The Coming Revolution In Engineering And Education

David Goldberg


DAVID E. GOLDBERG is president of Big Beacon, a nonprofit organization founded as a movement for the transformation of engineering education. He is known as an author, educator, entrepreneur, and artificial intelligence researcher. Author of the widely cited bestseller Genetic Algorithms in Search, Optimization, and Machine Learning and co-founder of ShareThis, in 2007 he co-founded the Illinois Foundry for Innovation in Engineering Education (iFoundry). In 2010 he resigned his tenure and professorship at the University of Illinois to work full time for the transformation of engineering education. As a movement leader, leadership coach, and change management consultant, Dave now works with individuals, organizations, and networks around the world to collaboratively disrupt the status quo.

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003 Words Into Action – How An Enterprise Vision Becomes Reality

Domenico Paolo ZacconeWhen an organization or a business publishes their values are they merely grandstanding? Or, as I would rather believe, are they putting themselves on notice to live and operate a certain way? How much would your organizational credibility or leadership influence grow if you published your values (and lived by them)?

With the advent of hosting the FM talk radio show, titled The Job Talk Radio Show , and associated podcast by the same name, I have had the opportunity to explore the concept of values as they relate to leadership. As a talk show host I raised the subject of values with my listening audience, asking them if publicly declaring ones values is appropriate or worthwhile. Some listeners were dubious, while many others applauded both individuals and organizations that commit to publishing, then living and operating by their personal and professional values.

As I do, I took up the gauntlet and sought out the expertise of a successful “values” commentator to interview on the show. In my recent interview, titled Words Into Action – How An Enterprise Vision Becomes Reality (podcast linked here) with the successful “values” guru and business man, Domenico Zaccone. As a guest Domenico generously shares his “values” platform. He discussed how his values evolved over time relative to both his personal and professional life, and how these values manifest in his business today.

Although Domenico began his professional life as a Mechanical Engineer, he purposely “expanded his professional landscape” (his words) through mentorship and a deep curiosity about the “how and why” of the workplace and the organizational roles he occupied. As a result of our interview I concluded that Domenico’s values based approach to leadership is time tested and successful. He is an enthusiastic and visionary leader. His modes operandi includes the ability and focus to both shape strategy and drive execution to make things happen, thereby delivering what he promises. In fact, his personal mantra has been to “deliver what you promise.”

I encourage you to listen to the interview, however I have condensed the interview into the following salient points, which coincidentally are his company’s published values.

  • Be Authentic
  • Respect Others
  • Open To Change
  • Act Honestly
  • Deliver On Promises


When an organization or an individual publishes their values I choose to believe that they are putting themselves on notice to live and operate a certain way. Choosing to publish (and then live by) your values may be risky, but only if you are not committed to the values you espouse.

Dr Tina – aka – Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison is the owner of MCG Consulting Group, LLC, and helps leaders and executives to speak the story of their lives to those they can trust, towards achieving self-awareness, work-life balance, increased leadership capacity and executive presence, while creating healthy work environments.

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001 Why I Decided To Host The Job Talk Radio Show (TJTRS) As a Podcast

Hello all – I am Dr Tina (aka Dr Martina Carroll-Garrison), an Executive Leadership Coach.  Among other worklife roles I host (launching March 2015) a daily talk radio show in the Atlanta metro market, titled The Job Talk Radio Show, as well as this weekly (Thursday release date) podcast under the same name, and soon I will begin recording a Community TV Talk Show, titled The Job Talk TV Show in the Washington DC  metro market. All of these shows are targeted at listeners and viewers wanting a more fulfilling, satisfying, and encouraging worklife. As a marketing strategy for my Executive Leadership Coaching business I seek connectivity both through the radio show, the TV show and the podcast platform to increase the Dr Tina Executive Leadership Coach brand awareness,  and to also attract the types of clients I enjoy working with.

As an Executive Coach I achieve great personal and professional satisfaction, in the service of both individuals and organizations. Through the Job Talk Radio Show, I also want to be able to provide information, assistance, and encouragement to those who endure an unfulfilling or challenging worklife, but who are unable to afford to hire me to help them through a one-on-one coaching relationship. I believe that The Job Talk Radio Show and TV Show platform will allow me to support, encourage and answer questions for those who don’t engage me as their coach; and that by doing so, those who do choose to hire me, will know that I am highly skilled and capable in helping them solve their workplace challenges, while also building Leadership Capacity and Executive Presence.

The Job Talk Radio Show is targeted at listeners seeking more encouragement, respect and inspiration in their workplace and worklife choices. This includes persons who are coaching, teaching, or mentoring others, or as employees are transitioning, fulltime, part-time, unemployed, or underemployed in their worklife – between the age of 20 and 95. I am encouraged to report that we have active mentors and workers from all four generations, including our Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters.

Although The Job Talk Radio Show’s radio programming is Monday to Friday, the and Pod Cast will be weekly and delivered on Thursday. While the existing radio show format is 1 hour long with 44 minutes of content, the aim for each podcast show is a 30-40 min. episode. The Pod Cast show is intended to assist in promoting and marketing my brand as  an Executive Leadership Coach, and the various shows are structured both as solo discussion and hosted interviews with worklife experts and commentators, to showcase and highlight a variety of worklife issues, solutions and opportunities.


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