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002 Influential Intelligence: Persuasive Skills For Profits And Leadership

002 Influential Intelligence: Persuasive Skills For Profits And Leadership

Perhaps the most important resource you have is your ability to be persuasive. Influence leads to sales, it motivates your team, and it helps you be the leader in your industry you have always wanted to be. My guest for this interview on The Job Talk Radio Show is Sharí Alexander and she generously shares influence insights and tricks that are also the same techniques that CIA agents, hostage negotiators, con-artists, and the world’s best influencers use and how you can use them in an ethical way to build your business and build your community.

Sharí Alexander is a coach, speaker, and writer who has made her career by being known for Bringing the “Dark Arts” of Influence into the Light. She reveals secrets of enhanced communication techniques known and used by master influencers, including: CIA agents, undercover law enforcement,con-artists, human intelligence officers, interrogators, trial attorneys and more. She translates their techniques into practical, strategic, and profitable uses for business leaders.

Sharí has designed numerous communication training courses and speeches that cover these enlightening areas of enhanced communication, along with self-study programs. Sharí is certified in neurolinguistic programing (NLP), micro expressions, and body language. Her clients include Fortune 100 companies, CEOs, politicians, an NFL player, an Emmy Award® Winning executive, an ESPN announcer, a reality TV star, and New York Times Bestselling authors. Sharí is also a regular contributor to and guest lecturer at !

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